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About us

DVD and Video Solutions have been in business for over 25 years,


We cater for both private individuals with often, just one or two tapes and also with Companies and agencies, who represent Royalty, Celebrities, Musicians, Actors, Governments, and Military.


PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL JOBS, are typically, a wedding video, a Show Reel or a collection of family video tapes. We require no minimum amount of tapes.


All work is undertaken with the strictest of confidentiality.

A few bespoke jobs we have undertaken, include:-

1. Converting a YouTube video Into a DVD

2. Extracting part of a DVD and putting it onto a new blank DVD.

3. Adding a "SKY NEWS" style logo, onto old DVD footage.

4. Transferring old Audio cassettes onto a CD and .MP3 or .WAV

COMPANY JOBS, are typically promotional videos or archiving (known as digitising) their video collection onto a hard drive. 

As with private individuals, your jobs are treated with the strictest of confidentiality, but we are also happy to sign any NDA agreements, that you may have.


Q1.  After my job is finished, will I be able to get my tapes back ?


A1.   Yes, they are stored securely but please arrange to collect them within 14 days.


Q2.  I bought a DVD movie from America which wont play on my computer. Can you fix this problem?


A2.   Yes we can. We can either make you a DVD or a computer file. The computer file would include the main movie and whatever extras from the DVD that you require.


Q3.  I have a few VHS tapes that have some mould on them. Is there any way you can save the video footage?

A3.  I would say with 99.9% certainty,  "Yes we can". In 25 years of working with VHS tapes, we have only encounter 2 (TWO) that wouldn't display a picture.

Q4.  Why are the prices I was charged, different to what you quoted 5 months ago?

A4.   We are occasionally able to offer a customer a discounted price. This is usually based on certain time constraints of a few days and will no longer apply, if they don't turn up until many weeks/months later or over the time leading up to Christmas.

Any other Questions ?

Please call us on 0207 060 9899

Have you seen this item ?  CALL 0207 060 9899
25 Years of hiding in the attic
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