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Video Digitising

The most popular computer format is .MP4 and is the most versatile format for both PC and Mac. It works well on popular editing software, such as iMovie, Final Cut, Pinnacle and Nero software.

One hour of top quality .mp4 will use about 3GB of hard disk space

As well as ,mp4 we can provide the raw DV footage. This does produce a slightly sharper picture but also results in 4 times more data for you to store and only professional software such as Final Cut and Adobe Premier are guaranteed to be compatible with it.

One hour of raw DV will use 13.2GB of hard drive space.

It has to be mentioned, that .MP4 will play flawlessly, whereas raw DV is somewhat volatile. This means that if you have a tape that is not in perfect condition, then the odd split second of video will be lost, causing the video footage to momentarily "skip" in the video and audio.

We do have a few techniques, which often alleviates this problem.


Q.  The mp4 videos you copied to my external hard drive look great but when i went do some editing, the program was running so slowly! Any ideas why this is?

A.  Yes, your external drive is meant for storage only. Your computer can cope with playing the files direct from it but if you try to edit the files direct from an external drive, your will be putting a tremendous strain on it.  it is always better to copy any files you wish to edit, from your external drive to your computers hard drive.


Never try to edit direct from a USB stick. It is a lot slower than an external hard drive and you will literally burn it out.

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