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1.   Take the PICCADILLY SOUTH exit. The are 7 exits at Piccadilly and only the PICCADILLY SOUTH exit will enable you to find us easily!

2.   Walk straight ahead and do not cross over any roads.

3.   You will walk past Waterstones bookshop, then St James Church Yard and then Costa Coffee.  A few minutes later you will go past FORTNUM AND MASONS department store.

4.   Now cross over the tiny road where many taxis are turning into  (do not cross over the main road!) you will now see the two black phone boxes, where we are located.

5.  If you walk past the Japanese restaurant ITSU, then you have walked past us.

6.  The office door is between the two CATH KIDSON window displays.


1.    Take the exit for The Academy of Royal Arts.

2.    Turn left.  


3.    You will now be facing towards Piccadilly Station. You can either walk or travel one bus stop

4a.  If taking the bus, take any bus (except number 9) They will all stop outside the Academy and we are across the road, by the two black phone boxes.

4b. If walking, walk straight ahead past BOOTS the chemist and then the NatWest Bank. About 2 or 3 minutes later you will be at the Royal Arts Academy and you'll see the two black phone boxes across the road, where we are located.

5.   If you walk past the department store FORTNUM AND MASONS, then you have walked past us.

6.   The office door is between the two CATH KIDSON window displays.


Buses 14, 19, 22 and 38  all go past Green Park Underground and stop outside the Royal Academy of Arts.  We are directly opposite this bus stop, by the 2 black phone boxes.

On the other side of the road, all the buses go down Shaftesbury Avenue and then past Piccadilly. You can get off at there, at the Waterstones bookshop stop and walk straight ahead for 3 - 5 minutes more  or you can travel one more bus stop. The bus will travel just past our office (it takes 1 or 2 minutes to walk back). 

We are by the two black phone boxes

The office door is between the two CATH KIDSON window displays.


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